Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cleaning up and deleting

My great Mac support guy, Gary McLane was here today to do some diagnostics on my computer before he leaves town for an extended trip South. I feel a little uneasy knowing he is not going to be at a phone call away! I am trying to find some fonts that I had a floppy disc, had moved them to zip disc ... then moved them to computer ... you know the drill.

I have been organizing files that are a total mess. It is embarrassing how out of control my computer gets sometimes (most of the time). Looking at work that I mocked up and the deleting it. Sometimes you just need to get rid of stuff ... difficult for me to do. I found this little mock up I did for my sister's friend ... had forgotten I had done it and never heard back about it. I do a lot of these mockups that I never hear back about ... not to taking that personally. ;)

Something else I had mocked up for someone I met. I had just started using Thesis Wordpress ... and playing around with some ideas. I am embarrassed to say how many of these files that I have found ... and am deleting. In the process of getting my "freelance legs' am discovering how much time I waste, exploring, having fun. The lesson I am taking away is stop wasting my time and letting go.

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