About me

I am the founder of Something To Say, See and Savor, a design and art blog where I store anything and everything I have found interesting on the internet since 2004. This is the companion blog, Something from my studio, exploring and sharing my art.

I love homemade soups with cheese and fruit, warm bread, red wine. I occasionally blog something delicious my mom has cooked up for us.

My husband and I are hoarders collectors of many things: playing cards, bobbleheads, wind-up toys, miniature chairs, art books, mismatched china, rocks, sticks, stacking rings (jewelry) and Christmas ornaments.

My favorite colors are grass green, gold green and grey. I am inspired by the glory of nature. Leaves, seedpods, color, shapes, beetles. The color combination of tree and the bark.

I love Sarcococca in January, Peonies in June, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas for the summer. I photograph lots of flowers in vases. I created a quiet book titled "in a vase" that I imagined while loving my garden with a camera.

“A new batch of flower photographs is a gift. I’m never sure what I have captured, what little thing has gone right or wrong. Through this hobby, I make time to take a closer look at the delicate and miraculous life of flowers — from the promise of tiny buds to the brittle beauty of their skeletal remains. I’ve learned to look for the little miracles that take place in my own backyard and which often go unnoticed while we rush through life.”