Saturday, June 16, 2018

Turning tears into magazine covers

I hate when we lose coworkers but we have this fun tradition of making them a departing gift of a Hutch Magazine cover. Here are just a few I have made lately. Saying good bye is a hard thing to do!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Blue Girl and her microbiomes

This week the winter addition of Hutch Magazine arrived at our door. I was so lucky to illustrate the cover, inside spread and lots of other details on pages. Like I have said before, I have a @dreamjob and work with so many talented people. It covered everything you ever wanted to know about microbiomes.

Also did a little gif animation for the website ... it is never about just the printed piece anymore. We also do all the the web graphics ... and get to have a little fun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lost logos

We create many logos in the graphic arts! Some they love, most are rejected and redone and redone ... but here is one that was rejected that I personally thought was right on. I love the way this one turned out so I am going to put it in my portfolio. ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Golden moment

It always seems weird to win awards, like, oh, are they talking about me? And it is even stranger writing about it. There are so many talented artist, graphic designers out there ... but I will brag for a minute. I work with the most amazing, talented graphic designers, developers, writers and creative director. We call ourselves the #dreamteam and I truly believe that. We are all ages. It is fun the see the youngest of us, just soar with talent.

We won 19 MarCom 2015 Awards, including 7 Platinum Awards and 5 Gold Awards (and a couple of honorable mentions). Our team won for Hutch Magazine. I was awarded a gold for "I speak computer: Making medical information Big Data-ready"

Kim Westphal and I awarded gold for Hutch Holiday Gala invitation. Lasercut invitation by Avis of Avie Designs.




Gold for my DNA Birthday card (that should have been bedazzled with glitter but we could not afford it - so I bedazzle them myself) and illustration for The diet dilemma


Honorable mention for illustration "How cells put themselves to sleep". I want to make a soft toy from the yeast image! With blanket! And one for Science Spectrum. I have to shoot that invitation image (to come).


Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 - A very busy year!

I have had quite an exciting first (+) year at Fred Hutch, designing invitations for Hutch Award Luncheon, Premier Chefs Dinner, 2014 Hutch Holiday Gala (that was intense), our rebranding and all that encompasses that process. Keeping Fred Hutch fresh on Pinterest, my favorite board, Science is Art. Here is just a little round up of the larger projects, I am forgetting a few things.

I have to say, I can't hold a candle to my predecessor, Barbara. I admire her work sooo much. Her work is elegant and simple, where I am loud and sometimes disjointed. She just had the chops for this, and I am learning everyday. I think about her at the beginning of each project and hope I can catch up to her talent for this kind of work.

Hutch Award Luncheon. My first day at Fred Hutch assignment. Learned a lot! My art will never be seen on such a large scale. ;)

Premier Chefs Dinner

Got to delve into embossing to make the stitching have a little relief. And also made some die-cut wine glass tags. It was all good!

2014 Hutch Holiday Gala.

This is our big holiday event so the invitation should be spectacular. No pressure there! My co-worker and I brainstormed our brains out ;) and everyone decided on a lasercut invitation. Thankfully I found Avis of Avie Designs, who did an incredible job AND it fit into our budget. We also used silver foil AND embossing ... it all was over-the-top, really beautiful and within budget.

Our new look! Fred Hutch - Cures Start Here.

I also had a vision driving to work one day of doing an holographic foil, embossed blank card of our beautiful "vessel" sculpture. I could not believe when it was approved, but we took out the embossing option to save money. Honestly, I never, ever thought I would even think of having something made with a holographic foil. ;0 I am more a "rock and moss" kind of girl. After months of looking for the perfect foil, and a vender, we were off.

One weekend I made some "cell-fies" ;) for an event on the campus. Here are a couple.

Did some fun work for our quarterly magazine, Quest.

We did many hours of brainstorming for Project Violet's trip to SxSW Festival in Austin. Lots of moo cards, and hip t-shirt design ideas. That was fun, stressful, we were really under the gun for time. My co-worker, Kim, put together a beautiful presentation for them to take around to events.

When our team went to Chicago for ONA, we jumped into action creating lots of handouts, posters, sign systems for our booth for the rebrand. It was really beautiful and a true team effort.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Robin Layton's dream comes true

I remember when Robin posed the question to me last year ... "do you want to drive across the United States with me?" ... and a month, 9,000 miles, she had shot a book. 

I had no doubt that Robin would find a publisher, and she did ... powerHouse

Her book 'hoop: the american dream™' is available for preorder now on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, the website is up and running. She has started her blog about the adventure. It is a dream come true.

I look at each photo today and it feels like we just standing there shooting it! 

We talked about the website, the art, the fine art, the book, the publisher, the blog ... all of it for a year. Worked toward a goal, and now it is a reality.