Sunday, November 1, 2015

Golden moment

It always seems weird to win awards, like, oh, are they talking about me? And it is even stranger writing about it. There are so many talented artist, graphic designers out there ... but I will brag for a minute. I work with the most amazing, talented graphic designers, developers, writers and creative director. We call ourselves the #dreamteam and I truly believe that. We are all ages. It is fun the see the youngest of us, just soar with talent.

We won 19 MarCom 2015 Awards, including 7 Platinum Awards and 5 Gold Awards (and a couple of honorable mentions). Our team won for Hutch Magazine. I was awarded a gold for "I speak computer: Making medical information Big Data-ready"

Kim Westphal and I awarded gold for Hutch Holiday Gala invitation. Lasercut invitation by Avis of Avie Designs.




Gold for my DNA Birthday card (that should have been bedazzled with glitter but we could not afford it - so I bedazzle them myself) and illustration for The diet dilemma


Honorable mention for illustration "How cells put themselves to sleep". I want to make a soft toy from the yeast image! With blanket! And one for Science Spectrum. I have to shoot that invitation image (to come).